My full name is LAhiri MAria GOvinda SOl, hence Lamagoso.

Home is wherever I am, mostly I spend my time in Arnhem (city in the Netherlands).

I have done many different things in my life workwise but mainly I worked as a plumber. When working for small companies you need to be able to do a job from A to Z so I picked up a lot of skills along the way.

As a hobby to express my creativity I like to work with wood and sometimes combine that with my knowledge of plumbing materials.

New ideas come to me through something I’ve done before or they just pop up in my head. If I feel they are doable and it’s enough of a challenge I gotta go and build it!

I don’t really like doing the same thing twice so all my projects are one of a kind Lamagoso designs.

On to the next!

Lahiri Sol


With thanks to Renate Koning for most of the photography work.                                                                                                           Powered by : IAMSTV