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Tree type bookshelf

When I was working on the base of my coffee table, made out of Oregon Pine, I got the idea for this “bookshelf”.
I thought I could use that 45 degree angle construction and make something bigger.
The base is made out of a single piece of pearwood. It was steamed thats why it has such a redish colour.
The 45 degree stem structure is made from Oregon Pine.
The shelves are made from the Platanus tree.


With thanks to Ajang Hamoni for the stainless steel work.

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Bluetooth speaker sound enhancer

Me and a friend were playing with this little bluetooth speaker to try and enhance the sound.
After a couple of different objects I got the idea to make something out of wood. I had a few little bits of Oregon pine left from my Trippy Coffee table cut offs so I glued those together and rounded it off to what it is now.
The little ipod holder next to it is made from zinc with a 2 millimeter slice of Oregon pine on it. The base is made out of copper piping material.

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Trippy Coffee Table

This coffee table is made out of Oregon Pine. I bought 4 pieces of about 60 by 90 cm before I even had an idea what to do.
When I saw the year rings I thought it would be nice to cut strips and glue them side by side to create a trippy effect.
When done with the top I used all the left overs to make the base. I glued those together to get some mass so it would support the top without tipping over.